About Us

We share in the idea that cooking is caring and we know that you cook for those you love.

Who we are

We’re proud to announce that MagneFuse Gloves is growing and expanding into the MagneCHEF Master The Fire

As a company, our focus is making your cooking experience a great one.  We strive to give you the freedom to cook, gather and enjoy yourself, not just by creating meals but by creating memories.  We aim to develop cooking and grilling accessories that are easy to use and multi-functional.  

Our products push the limits of ordinary accessories by allowing you to multi-task in this demanding day and age.  We value your time and know how it’s something we all wish we had more of. We figure that if we save you time in the cooking process, you’ll be able to spend more time with your favorite people doing other things you love.

Why choose us​

We share in the idea that cooking is caring and we know that you cook for those you love in a way of bringing them together and making memories.  We strive to encourage safety with our sensible, problem-solving products and believe we have the power to make cooking and grilling as easy as extending an invitation.

We believe in streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency by providing high quality accessories that make it easy to move from one task to another.  We want to give you time to do everyday tasks like getting your phone, sipping your drink, or helping the kids while still cooking and grilling.

We make every effort to benefit our customers by saving them time and keeping their families safe.  Our accessories are practical, versatile and easy to use.

We hope to help you create a healthy and balanced lifestyle centered on cooking and creating memories.  May you smile, laugh, and cook.

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