MagneCHEF Affiliate Agreement 

Affiliate Registration

Thank you for your interest in the MagneCHEF affiliate program. All affiliate registrations will be reviewed by our team and your patience in this process is greatly appreciated. The process may take a few days and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once approved you’ll be given a unique ID that you can use to promote our MagneCHEF gloves throughout your site and our social media.

Commissions and Payouts

You’ll earn a solid 10% commission when a customer makes a MagneCHEF glove purchase using your affiliate link.

  • 10% of $27.95 will be a payout of $2.80 for you.

You will earn a nice 15% commission when a customer purchases 2 or more MagneCHEF gloves through your affiliate link.

  • 15% of 2 gloves is a minimum payout of $8.39 with no maximum amount so sky is the limit!

Our affiliate commissions will be paid in USD directly to your bank account or debit card in the first week of every month.

  • There is no minimum payout balance and no maximum pay out balance so feel free to go nuts!
  • In order to receive a payout for your referrals you must register your bank account or debit card with our payout service.
  • We do not allow referrals to be generated on your own purchases.
  • If a purchase is refunded a commission will not be paid out for that referral.

Affiliate News and Updates

By becoming a MagneCHEF affiliate you agree to receive emails from MagneCHEF. These emails will not be going out to affiliates very often at all so don’t panic. You may get one or two every few months. It would be just to provide you with relevant news or updates on tips to help you effectively promote MagneCHEF.

Trust me you will not be spammed in any way!

Affiliate Application Rejection

We reserve the right to reject an affiliate application for any reason. Below are just a few examples how an application can get rejected.

  • Affiliate applicants that we may not believe our aligned with our business may be rejected.
  • Affiliate applicants with websites that re-sell any of our products will be rejected.
  • Affiliate applicants that advertise or engage in pornography, phishing scams, spamming, illegal business practices, or include any material infringing on National or International Copyright will be rejected.

Allowed Promotional Methods

We always encourage promotional methods that add value to MagneCHEF and bring us loyal customers. So promoting to a large audience is great and social media platforms are the preferred places to do so. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, or Twitter your reach goes a long way!
I always feel the best way to showcase our amazing MagneCHEF glove is by actually using it where the customer will use it. That may be in the kitchen or on the grill wherever there is heat, fire, or food is always a good start!
These key features below is what we want the WORLD to know.

  • The authentic Webbed shape of the glove gives the user the comfort of a mitt with the work ability of a glove.
  • The magnetic clips allows the user to easily clip together and slide out of the gloves so no more feeling stuck.
  • Made of food grade silicone that is BPA free.
  • The silicone is twice as thick as the regular silicone gloves on the market giving you extreme heat resistance of 500 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The gloves are also dishwasher safe so makes them super easy to clean.

Everyone has their particular way to use the gloves. We want you to be yourself and feel comfortable with your audience while using the gloves. You may find other uses for the gloves that haven’t been shown before. As long as it shows MagneCHEF in a positive light then go for it! We don’t carry an almost perfect rating on Amazon for no reason.

If by chance you have a question don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

Wrapping it Up

As a longtime firefighter I know heat extremely well and know a little bit about cooking. I tried every glove on the market and was not satisfied. The reason I put my life savings on my product is because I believe we can help and protect people that cook and BBQ all around the world.

Since I’m small potatoes in a world with huge companies out there YOU the AFFILIATE and friend are vital to our reach! I don’t have the deep pockets that the other companies have to spend on advertising but I do have YOU!! As we know relationships mean a whole lot in this world and some would say they are paramount in being successful at anything.

It’s funny how some people laughed or joked about our MagneCHEF gloves when we originally came out. Funny because I’m sure a lot of those same people laughed at “Crocs” too before they became a billion dollar company. Comfort and versatility in anything can get your product to the top but not without a strong team around you.

Together we can break the mold of the traditional cumbersome gloves and show the world what it is to truly “Master the Fire” with the MagneCHEF gloves. Let’s change the way people cook, bake, and BBQ forever and yes monetize it as well!